We believe good health and fitness is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. Every day, we are blending heart, science, technology and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Zoriox Innovations Labs is a unique company providing medical solutions for diverse challenges faced in the field of healthcare. We aim to raise the standard of medical care by using state-of-the-art technology to create new innovations. Our vast knowledge and unique blend of expertise in the field is due to our team consisting of surgeons, engineers and medical professionals who aim to equip healthcare for the future. Apart from our products, we pioneer the use of IoT in the medical field. Our first endeavor in IoT (Internet of Things) starts with our in-house online cloud storage platform called SENDY. SENDY is a hassle-free platform that provides efficient and secure (HIPPA-Compliant) management and dissemination of patient data among doctors and medical professionals which can be utilized in a myriad number of ways.

As one of the pioneers in human dental implants design and production, we continually focus on elevating the standards by providing cutting edge patient specific EZ-IMPLANTS in the healthcare industry from dentistry to Orthopedic, ENT, Cranial, Spinal, Cardiac, Pediatric, Neurosurgery, Prosthetist, Oncologist, Plastic surgery, and Physiotherapy.


Never satisfied with conventional solutions? At ZORIOX we think out of the box and our technological advancements are fundamentally changing the world of human implants.


We at ZORIOX are exponentially changing the trajectory of human healthcare, you can too.

Zoriox is a research hub of enduring strength and purposeful persistence. We leverage our strength and endurance in this consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people.

We at Zoriox aim to help millions of people through our innovative products and solutions. This feat is achieved by our team through constant innovation in emerging opportunities in the healthcare industry by developing cutting edge methodologies and products to shape and define what health and well-being means in everyday lives.

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